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”For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”
— James 1:2-3

Sharing the Experience, Impacts and Results


"When Cintia and I started working together I was going through a difficult time in my life.  Although I did not expect much from the coaching process, I decided to give it a try.  The results have been remarkable.  I am a better person today because of Cintia’s guidance.  She helped me identify key factors that were contributing to the difficulties I was facing and develop tools for dealing with adverse situations.  She also helped me challenge beliefs that I held close to my heart and mind but that were holding me back.  Each session led to a new learning experience and more opportunities for growth. "

— Alex C.  Tallahassee, FL, USA

"The coaching brought to me the assertiveness and speed in identifying where and how I acted using my already developed abilities, as well to identify those abilities I should invest more to reach its full potential. Turning goals into achieved goals has been highly impacting in my life."

— Jane Pereira, Pre-school Owner and Principal Escola Flamboyant, MG, Brazil

"Today I communicate what I am and what I think, I set limits. I have more confidence in exposing my thoughts, I prepare myself before conversations, I can differentiate what is under my control from what does not concern me."

— Carolina Lara, Art Director and Fashion Marketer in Vancouver BC, Canada

"I have been better prepared with action plans and feel more confident in what I like to do. In flow at the right time."

— Marcio H Tamura, SKZ partner, SP, Brazil

"With great questions, it has made each session a profound reflection that continues throughout the week in search of the key answers to progress. It presents support tools that help you get to the next step and that can be used in other situations. Provocations that challenges the current way of thinking."

— Marcio H Tamura, SKZ partner, SP, Brazil

" I opened my own business and make my own decisions for the development of people, regardless of age, so that through knowledge they can self-develop and be filled with skills and abilities that will simplify their future. "

— Keyla Yoko Nishimoto, owner Kumon Campinas - Sousas/SP Brazil

"Energy levels are up, up, up! When stressful situations arise, I have been more objective. I am guarding the most intense emotions and my energy for more positive moments, light and ARTISTIC!"

— Carolina Lara, Art Director and Fashion Marketer in Vancouver BC, Canada

" I can say that my life has completely changed, it is like to get out of a dark room trapped for over 30 years and see the daylight for the first time. -The naturalness in which destructive habits changed to habits of high positivity and optimism with the situations of life, went beyond my professional goals that I had in the beginning of coaching, but rather to live a full life in all senses."

— E.S., researcher, Multinational Co

"Cintia really takes the time to understand, deeply, the root problem, our personality, and how to take most advantage of it. The consequence of this work are results that are effective and that last! Cintia was my coach almost 3 years ago and, even today, I still read and remember all the material we created together and it still helps me a lot! Also, today I have a better job result, among other things, of our collaboration. I can say that her support changed my professional and personal life for better, and for good".

- Marilene Pavan, scientist, Chicago, IL, USA

 "Above all, feeling free from the beliefs that were taking hold of me is a positive degree of empowerment over my life that influences any decision making, any meeting, any kind of relationship is at work, in life, in everyday life."

— E.S., researcher, Multinational Co

"Before, I was too spontaneous so to speak, I did not observe people and situations right before reacting. Today my position is to observe, understand, analyze and respond when necessary, today communication is much more assertive. I have a more confident posture of myself. And this more assertive communication helps in the relationships with people."

Gustavo Quintanilha, owner Spoleto Galleria Campinas, Brazil

"The coach Cintia Orsi with her insight, her ample experience in the corporate world and also in the daily exercise of motherhood combined with a sensitive listening, helped me to understand very clearly how much the breaking of some paradigms was necessary so that I could connect with the needs of my group by becoming an accomplice and enabler of the process to reach goals. The awareness that the transformation I wanted for the group was also happening for me, was decisive for the management of this group to take place with an assertive leadership and in tune with its leaders."

— Jane Pereira, Pre-school Owner and Principal Escola Flamboyant, MG, Brazil

"Cintia helped me to reflect to discover other explanations, other ways of thinking, other values, she significantly helped me to face life in a different way, to think in a more positive way, not to polarize so intensely and not to have unrealistic expectation from people. I think the main thing was to get away from the news that were leading to a negative state of mind and inertia in the face of a seemingly unsolvable world. I can thank God for all the blessings I have received and discover that I am privileged and that we often forget to appreciate them in our daily lives. And today I can see my children grow and their smile and their purity fill me with joy to move on."

— Andre Lellis, Owner Domo Comex Trading Company, Brazil

"To look inside me, what moved me and how I made it all move inside me, it was a difficult task to do on my own. It was a difficult weight to carry on by myself. Through the coaching process with Cintia, who with all her technique, empathy, and professionalism, guided me and made me reflect on these issues. I allowed myself to self-development."

— Keyla Yoko Nishimoto, partner at Kumon Campinas - Sousas/SP Brazil