Get ready to take control


Executive and Personal Coaching to support clients to be empowered in achieving positive and meaningful results.


Coaching for what?

What goal will bring you the most positive impact in your life today? What is holding you back? What does success look like to you?

As your coach I will be your partner in your self-awareness and self-empowerment journey. I will support you in identifying clear goals, develop action plans and providing information with your consent, for the purpose of your own empowerment.

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Vision and Mission

Vision - A world made of people who thrive using the best  of their gifts, skills and knowledge while accountable for their own actions and impacts to oneself, others and to the world.

Mission - By serving and supporting people who want to generate and experiment a positive change in their lives in order to better contribute to a harmonious world.

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Weekly Updates


My main goal here will be to share the progress of one activity that energizes me daily (surprise!). For my second goal, not least important but maybe more challenging for me, will be to commit with sharing my thoughts from articles that have been published about coaching.

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The Coach

Hi! I'm Cintia Hotta Orsi. I am passionate to serve and experienced in coaching leaders, scientists, educators and parents.


“The  growing  fern  represents  very  well  my  personal  coaching  process  and  my  current  mindset.  I  grew  up,  I  unrolled  my  leaves  after  a  long  winter,  and  today,  my  life  pulsates  renewed”

Carolina Lara, Art Director and Fashion Marketer in Vancouver BC, Canada

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What Clients say about it

"Cintia is the right person in the right place, doing the right thing! I am most grateful! Filled with gratitude!"

— Keyla Yoko Nishimoto, Owner Kumon Campinas - Sousas/SP Brazil