Executive versus Personal Coaching

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Executive and Personal Coaching to support clients to be empowered in achieving positive and meaningful results.

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main differences

What is the purpose of coaching? Identifying the interested parties for this question is a good start.

In Executive Coaching, there is a third party involved, the Sponsor, which can be represented by the Human Resources person of the Company, the direct manager or other person who is responsible for the client’s development within the company. Executive Coaching focus on awareness for their professional and leadership competencies development identified by the client as critical for their career path in the Company.

In Personal Coaching, there is no sponsor, the client may or may not choose to work on professional goals as other areas of life will be also assessed. The beauty of creating awareness is that it allows reaching deeper goals that may go beyond a professional career. Outcomes from personal coaching also includes the increase of personal energy levels according to the client’s measure of success.

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Face-to-face versus remote coaching

The client can choose face-to-face meetings versus remote meeting via conference call. Understanding that there are pros and cons in both options is a good start. At request, I can help the client in this decision process as well.

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